My first Black-Matters blog post
  • Written by Maria
  • December 28th, 2014
  • About Heroines

So far, at least 5 natural heroines have died of ’apparent suicide’ or heart attack. I don’t buy it. Especially since they each have been successfully inspiring people to climb out of slave mentality. A very real condition that many don’t even know that they are suffering from until they stop suffering from it.

Going natural takes such a strength of character, being an entrepreneur takes strength of character, being successful at it takes so much strength of character! So tell me, how many of you truly believe that these women, as soon as they begin to peak and get nationwide attention, suddenly become so depressed that they kill themselves?!? This is part of a bigger issue that is currently getting lots of attention and I wanted to shed light onto this piece of the puzzle that isn’t currently being seen. As a matter of fact, it’s being covered up quite nicely. Our men are being shot in the streets like dogs and the women killed behind closed doors like martyrs. I think we should ask ourselves “why these women?” and then begin to follow their lead. I’ve also seen women of the same caliber slide back into their holes, one even wrote a long article before doing so, discussing how she can no longer handle all of the hatred being directed at her. Some force on this planet does not want to see black people lift up out of this horrible state that they’re collectively in. Protesting is fine and dandy, but we should do more than that. We need to BE the strength, BE the love, BE the light, BE the change!! Please...

I’m done sitting in silence out of fear of being labeled “crazy.” I am also done being afraid of successfully at doing something that matters to me, go ahead and try to kill me “the man” Let it be known that I am healthy as healthy gets and kill myself, NEVER!! Also let it be known, that someone has been trying to impersonate me on the internet. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

I will follow this up blog post up with a tribute to these women. Gathering info, images, and videos... now.

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