Vodou - Sèvitè: Soul - Servant

We live so that we can improve in life. Though the way isn’t easy but we’ll eventually get there. The journey start within our homes, so we have to educate those who aren’t aware yet. In the Lakou, everybody matters. In vodou, it’s the way that you are living that matters, not what you worship. Vodou is our life, not what we worship. We serve the ancestors and spirits within vodou, not worship them. When you start worshiping an object, that’s when you start to believe it is none-touchable, but that isn’t vodou. We aren’t a religion because we don’t see the lwa (s) as untouchable objects, we live with them and they live within and without us. In fact, they are a part of our lives. Literally, the West African people’s word for spirits is “vodun,” which is were the word vodou derived from. So, how can vodou then be a religion? We don’t worship the spirits and the ancestors, we serve them and they look out for us. That’s why in Haiti the people who are vodou practitioners call themselves ’Sèvitè’ which means ’servant,’ not worshippers. We are spirits in fact living in the living world and having a human experience. That’s why we aren’t afraid of the dead. We see it as a part of life. When we’re finish with our journey here, we go back in the spirits’ world and become spirits like we’re suppose to be. Somebody once said in vodou “...we are gods within god.” And I say there couldn’t be any truer words than that.

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