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Capitol City Bank & Trust Company

Interested in creating/building/conspiring a black-owned, web hosting company?

What will this endeavor accomplish?

  1. Having a secure place to host our websites that won't sell our information to the oppressor.
  2. Creating jobs for the disenfranchised black men and women in our communities.
    Jobs that won't discriminate based on criminal record or educational background.
    This would involve providing educational resources and/or on the job training.
  3. Keeping money within the black community as much as possible!

Long term goals:

  1. After expenses, all profits go towards Seed Money Grants to help fund other black-owned start-ups.
  2. Webhosts located throughout throughout the diaspora: US, Africa, the Carribean, etc.
    By turning this into a Franchise, we create an easy-to-start-up business model for others to follow. This would also improve our webhosting service, by making it more robust and reliable.
  3. Eventually we will put solar panels on the roof. An investment which will save us money in the long run and get us off of environmentally unfriendly energy sources.

Next steps

  1. Cost Analysis and property surveying
  2. Business plan writing
  3. Seek funding

If you're interested in being a part of this, please fill out the form on the left and I will be in touch.